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What is AOL Mail Customer Service Contact Number ?

When problems appear in sending and receiving emails on an emailing platform, the whole scenario turns embarrassing. Currently similar kind of trouble came into light with AOL email users. If you are also one of them then instead of losing hope, read this blog to have an idea about AOL Mail Customer Service Contact Number .

AOL email is the technical platform so it may get affected because of various reasons. We have generated this webpage so that common users may have an idea about how to resolve problems that have arisen. Our AOL Mail Customer Service Contact Number team is here at all times to work on your concerns.

The possible reasons that have caused email sending and receiving issues are as follows:

• It might be that the browser that you are using is not compatible with AOL

• Next is that you have blocked specific sender unintentionally.

• Another possibility is that the installed security application might have stopped your email.

• The mistake in typing the correct email ID may prevent the email as well.

The absence of an internet connection is also responsible to create issues of sending and receiving emails.

How you may resolve the AOL sending and receiving email problems?

• You should first check out the internet connection

• Further, you may check the other folders available within the AOL

• Be assured that your email account has not been deactivated

• There should not be a delay in the delivery of the messages

• Develop the habit of clearing the browser’s caches as it will help to go all things systematically.

• If it is possible then disable your firewall for a short time

• Do check the block list

• Keep an eye on the configuration of the email client

All these steps we have mentioned for the convenience of users at a great level. Our AOL Mail Customer Service Contact Number team is available here at all times. You may talk to them regarding the solution service according to your needs.

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How do I backup my AOL Desktop Gold?

AOL Desktop Gold is able to provide you quality satisfaction as it helps you to secure your data and other files using the advanced features and superior technologies. AOL Desktop Gold is a proficient way of browsing the internet and accessing emails concurrently with the complete feeling of the endless experience. It not only helps you access the internet but also offer you a greater benefit to access the video, music, & games with the advanced inventive approach. You can download AOL Desktop Gold & use these features to increase your experience. Now if you want to access your AOL Desktop Gold to a new computer & want to keep your data and other files accessed you need to read this blog till end. You will get entire solution about making backups and import/export the data and other files to your new computer. You will require this support either you try to log in with the new computer or login with your old AOL account.

Simple process to backup your AOL Desktop Gold:

There are three ways to create backup for AOL Desktop Gold. You can import and export files to the new computer from the earlier version or you can directly create a backup.

Type 1: Import & export data to a different computer

In this case, you want to access AOL data to a different computer you need to follow this method to import and export files:

  • Visit to the sign in page and login into AOL desktop Gold.
  • In the settings option, go to ‘’my data tab’’.
  • Then choose ‘’Import’’ or ‘’Export’’ options as you wish.
  • Now you can grab those files that you wish.
  • You must also generate a password that will provide you the access of files later.
Type 2: Import AOL gold data from the earlier version

In case if you are trying to access AOL gold data from the earlier version you can easily import it with the steps mentioned below:

  •  Open the AOL sign in page and log in with your username and password.
  • Go to the file option and open it.
  • Now you need to open ‘’Import Wizard’’ and click ‘OK’ to begin the process.
  • After finishing the process again click on OK.
Type 3: Make a direct backup of your AOL Desktop Gold

To do so follow the mentioned below steps:

  • Go to the files named .abi
  • And locate ‘’C_America Online 9.0’’ folder.
  • Select the option ‘’Organize folder’’ & click ‘’Edit/copy’’.
  • Then you can find this file to any of the selected folder.
  • Once you select the folder open menu option & paste it here.

These processes are complete solutions to create a simple backup of your AOL Desktop Gold in a simple manner. You can download and install AOL Desktop Gold latest version to experience most advanced browsing experience.

Usually, when problems appear, AOL users become much annoyed. We all know that emailing is the most important source today to meet the requirement of the conversation at the official level. It does not only support professional but also for personal purposes. The effort to better the existing technology keeps going on by researchers. This has offered various options and as a result, we are blessed with numerous options.


AOL emailing platform has taken a central space. This specific emailing software is being preferred by a large number of people at all times. Our AOL Mail Customer Service Contact Number is available 24/7 hours on which you may call anytime to have words with the support team.

They are highly qualified and they have real tactics to sort out the problem in no time. The real objective of our service is to build a hassle-free platform with the technology and let our customers meet the dream expectation within the stipulated time. Therefore always be stress-free as we are with you.